Things You Need to Know About Ice pick Headaches

Things You Need to Know About Ice pick Headaches Leave a comment

If severe pain is the central symptom of your headache, you can usually be referred to as an “ice pick headache”.


In the event that you’ve experienced an ice pick headache, you may have felt a seriously sharp poking sensation, frequently around your eye or the temple area. The Stabs or pokes don’t show up in a pattern, yet rather come about unpredictably, several times in a day. The Pain lasts for a very short time, typically three seconds or less.

In around 30 percent of individuals, the pain happens in one fixed spot, while with the rest, the torment moves around. At the point when the headache stabs are fixed on one spot, a migraine specialist initially should rule out a cranial nerve issue or brain structural issue (e.g., a tumor) with imaging tests. When a nerve or mind issue is ruled out, these ice pick headaches are referred to as essential stabbing headaches.


Because of the short-term nature of these headaches, treatment may not be required, except if they are extreme. In that case, preventive treatment is prescribed.

To inhibit ice pick migraines, specialists generally prescribe Indocin (indomethacin), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), like ibuprofen. Indocin, be that as it may, is connected to some adverse effects like the stomach and intestinal bleeding and kidney issues. This is the reason (likewise with any prescription), it’s important you talk with your physician first before taking an NSAID—thusly you can guarantee the medication is safe and right for you.

Other than Indocin, specialists have looked at alternative medicines without much success. COX-2 inhibitors (like Celebrex) might be advantageous, however, they also carry side effects like Indocin, despite the fact that is accepted to be gentler and more secure on the stomach.

Melatonin—a similar neurohormone used to help jet land sleeping disorder—has likewise been utilized to avoid ice pick headaches. Accessible without any prescription, melatonin can even now cause some side effects, similar to fatigue, dizziness, and mood changes, so a doctor ought to be counseled before starting a melatonin regimen. Additionally, despite the fact that it’s considered “natural,” the longtime impacts of melatonin are obscure. Also, melatonin is definitely not a regulated supplement and isn’t suggested for ladies who are pregnant or nursing.

Self-Care Strategies

Since ice pick headaches frequently match with different types of headaches, self-care techniques might be useful in relieving your torment.

Some basic locally established strategies include:

  • Lessening your stress level 
  • Getting sufficient rest and keeping up a regular sleep pattern (for instance, going to bed every night at the same time) 
  • Exercising consistently 
  • Take the time to engage in a pleasant, relaxing activity each day

Another thought is to keep a descriptive migraine diary, which can give your primary care physician an exact record of your head pain. The diary can likewise help individuals with stabbing headaches see what activities might contribute their migraines, and what medicines appear to mitigate them.

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