Sumitop ( Sumatriptan )

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Sumitop is used to treat migraines. It affects a certain natural substance (serotonin) that causes narrowing of blood vessels in the brain It helps to relieve headache, pain, and other migraine symptoms (including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light/sound).

Active Ingredient ( Generic Name ) : Sumatriptan

Sumitop 100

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What is Sumitop?

Sumitop contains or active Ingredient is Sumatriptan which is a medication utilized for successful treatment of exceptionally terrible migraines. It is a (delivered by individuals/not normally happening) medicate having a place with the triptan class. Sumitop Tablets influences a specific common substance (serotonin) that causes narrowing of blood vessels in the mind. Sumitop ( sumatriptan ) Tablets eases cerebral pain, torment, and other headache manifestations (including nausea, spewing, affectability to light/sound). Prompt treatment encourages you to come back to your ordinary everyday practice and may decrease your requirement for other pain prescriptions. Sumitop Tablets has a place with a class of medications known as triptans.

How Does Sumitop Work?

Headache cerebral pains are thought to result from the dilatation (swelling) of veins in the head. Sumitop works by tightening (narrowing) the veins in the head, stops transmission of torment sign to the mind and obstructs the arrival of synthetic substances that reason queasiness and other headache indications. This relieves the headache attack. 

Where to buy Sumitop Tablets?

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How to Take this Medicine?

Take this medication in the dose and duration as prompted by your primary care physician. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, smash or break it. Sumitop (sumatriptan) 25,50 & 100 might be taken with or without nourishment, yet it is smarter to require it at a fixed investment.

What is the side effect of Sumitop pill?

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hand)
  • Feeling hot
  • Vertigo
  • Tingling sensation
  • Pressure or pain in your chest, neck, jaw or throat

General Instructions

You have been recommended Sumitop Tablet for the treatment of migraine headaches.

A few hints that may help dodge a headache attack: 

Have your suppers in the meantime ordinary 

Maintain a strategic distance from brilliant lights and outrageous temperatures 

Maintain a strategic distance from boisterous music and uproarious spots 

Maintain a strategic distance from chocolates, cheddar, prepared sustenance, liquor, and smoking 

Get enough rest and maintain a strategic distance from pressure 

It might cause sluggishness. Try not to drive or do whatever requires mental concentration until you know how it influences you. 

Tell your primary care physician if your headache happens all the more frequently subsequent to beginning the drug.

Warnings for special population


Sumitop 25mg might be risky to use during pregnancy. 
Animal studies have demonstrated a side effect on the embryo, in any case, there are restricted human studies. The advantages of use in pregnant ladies might be worthy in spite of the hazard. Kindly counsel your physician.


Sumitop 25,50 & 100 is sheltered to use during lactation. Human investigations have demonstrated that either the medication does not go into the breastmilk in critical sum or isn’t relied upon to make danger the baby.

General warnings


Sumitop Tablet may make you feel bleary-eyed, sleepy or influence your vision. Try not to drive until your vision is clear. 


There is constrained data accessible on the utilization of Sumitop Tablet in patients with kidney illness. It would be ideal if you counsel your physician. 


Sumitop Tablet ought to be utilized with alert in patients with liver illness. Portion alteration of Sumitop Tablet might be required. It would be ideal if you counsel your physician. 

Utilization of Sumitop Tablet isn’t suggested in patients with serious liver disease.

How to Store the Sumitop?

You should keep your Sumitop rapid release tablets in their pack until use. Store your Sumitop tablet in a cool dry place below 30°C.

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